Amelia Stewart

The First Thing You Did Was Breathe

Influenced by a surge of heightened senses in pregnancy and early motherhood, Amelia created The First Thing You Did Was Breathe. The photographs are taken from the perspective of seeing the world anew and aim to recreate the experience of these amplified senses, which were felt most in natural settings.

During this transition into parenthood, a shifted sense of time developed, generating a daze that was permeated by resurfacing detail. As a result, the work flows between abstracted observations and moments of clarity. While navigating through this juxtaposing juncture, Amelia steers between feeling estranged from her outdoor surroundings and yet conversant with them.

Amelia Stewart is an image maker who works across a variety of mediums to create photographic outcomes. 

Her projects interrogate the intersection between surface reality and inner experience. Using photography’s modality to form productive relations, Amelia looks at the interplay between our surroundings and selves. Through recording observations with her camera and constructing photographs, she explores the connections between our imagined, embodied, created and natural environments. 

Amelia is a practicing photographer, and lecturer of Photography and Multidisciplinary Art. Impelled by the experience of having her first child, she is currently forming a social enterprise to share her enthusiasm for the advantages of Photography, creative thinking and being outdoors.


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