Annabel Fitzsimons
At The Median

The median is the plane which divides two things, itself occupying a liminal space between.

In this project I locate my childhood memories in the contexts in which they occurred, both within my home life and in the surrounding area, in order to create allegorical representations of my lived experiences. Through doing so, I come to occupy a liminal space between past and present, allowing me to mediate between the two.

Set in the New Forest where I grew up, these meditative pictures unearth a personal journey, locating memories in physical space. These reminiscences span from my family home to familiar surrounding environments, and subsequently feature both new memories formed during trips home to make the work and old memories re-experienced in a new context. Seeking to capture a different way of seeing, my visual language is informed by the sensory and visual facets of my life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In my endeavour to express the indescribable aspects of my lived experience, I reflect on the way in which my mental health alters my perception, imparting both darkness and light to my worldview.

Annabel Fitzsimons is a British photographer, currently based in Bristol, primarily making work that explores indescribable aspects of the human experience with dream-like imagery. A background in the social sciences informed her practice and allowed her to engage with photography through a sociological and psychological lens.  She completed her BSc in Social Policy at the University of Bristol, and her MA in Photography at UWE Bristol. Recently, she was shortlisted for the BarTur Photo Award 2020.


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