Daniel Dale
A Field Guide to Happiness

A Field Guide to Happiness, is an ongoing search for something we all agree exists but no one can prove - happiness. Meticulously collected, these colour photographs are presented as evidence of intentional and unintentional everyday actions that, both singularly and as a sum of their parts, evokes something close to a smile. The abstract fascination with the ‘ordinary’, surrounds us and unfolds into an offbeat and ostensive questioning that repeatedly asks, ‘Is this an example of happiness?’

'Happiness' is a project that points and questions; the work begins with our very understanding of the word ‘happy’ and how we may use it in its varying contexts every day. The work walks a fine line of absurdity and dry humour, with a light mist of cynicism, and eventually plays the very nature of the word against itself.

Within a climate of shifting politics, environmental fragility, heightened consumerism, and our current inability to move freely, it is best reminded that an acute observation on our world, as well as our immediate surroundings, may impact us in positive ways.

Daniel Dale is an artist and publisher inspired by ’Nonsense’ who is graduating with an MA in Photography from the University of the West of England. His work strikes a balance between sensible meaning and no meaning at all as he carefully scrutinises his everyday surroundings. Trying to find answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet, recurring motifs of colour, form and content stretch the imagination and pull together seemingly straightforward threads into abstract knots, asking the spectator to become a participant. Currently working on an ongoing project about ‘Happiness’, Dale has also created ’Nonsense Books’, a small self-publishing venture that presents his own work, as well as others who work along similar lines. 



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