Ilaria Trees Meridio
Sine and Ouakam

Ilaria Trees Meridio is a visual artist and photographer currently based in Bristol (UK). 

She received a BA in Decoration from the Venice Fine Arts Academy (IT) and has recently completed an MA in Photography at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). 

Focusing on the mundane within the urban environment, her work investigates the perception of space, abstraction and composition through lines and shapes. 

As she explains, “If I squint my eyes, depth gets nullified - it is this flatness and the forms originated what interests me.”  

For Ilaria, the solitary act of walking is fundamental to her image making process; Through this impulsive meditative act, she investigates her fascinations while pushing the boundaries of her relationship with the surroundings and capturing its parallax.

“When I lose myself in space, I find myself in time.”


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