QUOTE UNQUOTE is the 2020 MA Photography graduate show for the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). Investigating an array of concepts, from the mythical to the personal, each individual offers a striking view and an insight to their creative process.

As we celebrate and share our work, as well as how our practices have developed over the last eighteen months, we also want to make sure to acknowledge our position of privilege within society, and to reflect upon and how we might be able to learn, help and contribute towards progress as a collective. 

With this in mind, 100% of profits raised from print sales will be shared with No! Wahala Magazine:

No! Wahala Magazine
No! Wahala Magazine is “Africa's first contemporary photography magazine championing authentic visual stories by African Creatives. The term 'No Wahala' is Nigerian slang for 'don't worry' or 'no problem', summing up the message of African Photographers being able to tell their own stories themselves. The magazine’s focus is on highlighting the work produced by talented Creatives on the African continent and getting them seen by industry professionals. No! Wahala Magazine provides a platform for photographers across Africa to create, get inspired, showcase their work, and gain visibility.” 

We hope you have an opportunity to visit our show and celebrate with us - we look forward to welcoming you all. 


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