Krerkburin Kerngburi

I was born in a small province – Lampang - in the north of Thailand and grew up in the city of Chiang Mai. Most Thai people perceived the UK as a highly-civilised country with wealthy, sophisticated and noble people. I could never imagine myself being in the UK, let alone living and studying there; It was an impossible dream for a man like me. Aside from football, rock & roll bands, and landmarks such as Big Ben or the London Eye, I barely knew anything about this country before arriving. 

FAR FROM HOME is a body of photographic work that I have made in the UK between 2018-19 – an exploration of a culture that is very different from my home, as well as my own “culture shock”. I am interested in observing human behaviour in a public setting with fresh eyes and encountering a culture that is very different from the one described by a tourist guidebook.

Using a street photography approach, FAR FROM HOME represents a personal diary that records all sorts of things that I have encountered in my everyday life in the UK, and also reflects my perspective as a Thai photographer who is living in a completely foreign environment, rich with cultural diversity. This has inspired me tremendously to connect these public encounters with my personal experience, whilst incorporating a subtle dark humour, which I regard as a fundamental part of storytelling as well as my own sensibility. Humour is simple and straightforward; at the same time, it can subtly reveal meaningful undertones, encourage scepticism, and provoke new questions about the culture itself, and my own cultural differences.

Krerkburin Kerngburi (b. 1988) is a street photographer from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is a member of Street Photo Thailand collective. He was awarded a Scholarship Grant for the IPA Street Photography Workshop in Bangkok 2014, and was a Selected Finalist in the Italian Street Photo Festival 2019. His photographs are outstanding, weird, and full of both (dark) humour and mystery. 

His work was recently selected by the Martin Parr Foundation to be exhibited as part of the Carnival Pop-Up 2019 Exhibition at the Arnolfini (Bristol, UK) and was displayed alongside the work of Martin Parr, Matt Stuart and Lua Ribeira. Furthermore, his work was exhibited in Italian Streetphoto Festival 2019, Bangkok Street Photography Festival 2018, Photo Bangkok 2015, and elsewhere.

His work has been published in Esquire (Thailand), Art4D, and elsewhere. He completed a Master of Arts in Photography at the University of the West of England Bristol, UK (2020) and is currently working as a freelance photographer.


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