Laura Lamb Mallet


‘I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘scopophiliac’, but like most people I take a lot of pleasure in looking - arguably too much pleasure. My practice is forged from a deep curiosity within me, and a questioning of the assumption that, as a woman, my whole perception of sexuality and the erotic can merely be a product of a patriarchal society. Like many other women, I believe that my instinctual wants and desires are much more than that, and this is underrepresented. 

NEW EROTICA is a body of work aimed at addressing the complicated relationship between desire, narcissism and arousal. It is an exploration of female representation and sexuality, an infusion of the traditional with the contemporary, and a both an inclusion and subversion of societal norms. My pictures are images of women, for women, by a woman. Essentially the project combines everything I know about erotic imagery, mixes it all together, and squeezes out a paste resembling my own perception of female sexuality. My work intends to spark the beginning of a dialogue in which female sexuality can be discussed in a more productive and progressive way.’

Laura Lamb Mallet [b. 1992, London] is a visual artist and aspiring bombshell, focused on the pursuit of pleasure. 

She has recently completed her Photography MA at UWE Bristol. Her work explores the role of the female body in contemporary culture, and the wider representation of sexuality in popular culture. Through photography she addresses the complicated relationship between desire, narcissism, the perception of sexuality and arousal. 

Her latest work - ‘NEW EROTICA’ (2018-2020) - brings together a series of seductive images that infuse traditional notions of the erotic with her own contemporary versions of it, exploring personal pleasure and challenging societal norms.


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